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‘j. 136 W 2nd Street

Posted by weberhistory on August 29, 2021

Leon Reno & Josephine Reno House

Leon Reno & Josie Reno Home is located in the confines of the old Bingham Fort; photo 2007.
Leon Reno & Josie Reno House 1982

Leon Reno was born 1894 to Victor Reno Senior from France and his wife Nellie Bune from the Netherlands; he was born and raised on W 2nd Street on the Reno Farm along with his older siblings, Josephine, born 1884, and Vic Reno Jr. born 1883.  The Reno Farm is now the Aspen Acres subdivision.

Leon’s father ran the Reno Farm during the era known as Little Italy (1890s-1920s) and his brother carried the farm on into the era known as The Golden Age of Family Farming (1920s-1940s). West 2nd Street was a productive agriculture area for over 100 years. Many neighboring youth of the community worked on the Reno Farm hoeing beets and picking beans.

In 1911 Leon’s brother Vic Reno Jr married and in 1912 bought the old Hutchens house at 152 W 2nd.  About that same time their mother, Nellie, had a new house built at 136 W 2nd Street next door to the old Hutchen’s house; Nellie resided here until her death in 1931. This house is located in the confines of old Bingham Fort.

After serving in the Air Force from 1918 to 1919, Leon returned and pursed a career as a salesman and then as a druggist for Green Spot Pharmacy at Five Points.  He was well known in the community as “Doc Reno”. 

 His sister Josephine worked as a book keeper for Retail Day Goods and other department stores. Josie and Leon lived at 136 W 2nd Street until their deaths in 1966 and 1969 respectively.

Leon Reno far left and Josephine Reno center
Josephine Reno
Leon Reno, WW 1

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