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Posted by weberhistory on August 29, 2021

Carl & Harriett Turnquist House

Carl O Turnquist was born April 25, 1880 in Karbenning, Sweden and came to Ogden in 1891 at age 19.

He met and married Harriett Sherner on June 1, 1908.  Harriett’s father, Peter Sherner, gave them land from his farm for their house at 128 2nd Street.  In November 1908 Carl was called to be the bishop of the Lynne Ward; he was 28 years old and newly married.

In 1914-1915 Bishop Carl supervised the beginning of the building of a new chapel on the triangle at Five Points by Smoot Park.  Smoot Park land was donated by Reed Smoot to the City of Ogden to maintain “forever more” as a park.

Bishop Carl had a committee of ten men from the community to construct the new church.   William Wilson Fife was the architect. The new red brick building was constructed in 1915 at the cost of $20,000 and was not dedicated until debt free in February 1926.

This framed picture of the building committee hung in the new church until 1964 when another chapel was built at 113 Childs Ave. It is interesting to note that Bishop Carl Turnquist looks like the youngest man on the committee.  All members of the committee are pictured and named and were all contributing members of the Lynne Community at this time.


Leaders of the Lynne Community in 1914
128 2nd Street, Carl and Harriett Turnquist
2011 updated Turnquist house at 128 2nd Street

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