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a. 528 Washington Boulevard- the Redfield Home

Posted by weberhistory on November 4, 2009

TODAY: Rear section of house built in 1877 by F. A. Miller; adobe granary with a log cellar on right.

YESTERDAY: Front wing added to the house in 1890s by William and Sarah Browning Redfield.

TODAY: The front porch was changed and the bricks were covered with stucco; the house was “modernized” by Cleveland Redfield in the 1930s; it has been owned by the Redfield family for about 120 years.

Frederick Andrus Miller 1838-1922

Frederick Andrus Miller 1838-1922

This choice old house has a rich history with the Five Points area.  The rear section was built in 1877 by pioneer Frederick A. Miller (1838-1922).  Miller served as Justice of the Peace in Lynne from 1878 to 1884 and then as alderman to the Ogden City Council for two years.  He superintended the building of the 2nd Lynne School, a superb brick school house furnished with first class desks.  The school was completed in 1877, the same year that he built this house.  The original section of the house was 32 x 18 feet, one and a half stories high with four large rooms.  Miller did some of the carpentry work and most of the painting.[1]

In about 1890 the Miller house became home to William  and Sarah Browning Redfield (1845-1899)  (1857-1919) who built the front addition; later they moved into another home on the NW corner of Washington Ave.and 4th Street.  Mrs. Redfield was musical and taught music to her own children and others and established the Redfield Dance Orchestra (see chronological history 1900 for details).

Many of William and Sarah Redfield’s children remained at Five Points and established businesses.  Fred Redfield began the Superior Honey Co. in 1910.  His brother Jay Redfield worked with him.  Cleveland Redfield established two businesses, The Automatic Controller & Universal Spot Welder  in about 1916 and Redfield Electric Co. in about 1930.  His brother Carl Redfield worked with him.  Clyde Redfield established the Bicycle Repair Shop on SW corner of Washington Ave. and 3rd St. See chronological history 1910-1930 for details.

Cleveland Redfield, 1916.

Cleveland Redfield, 1916.

Cleveland Redfield (1884-1956), inventor of The Automatic Controller & Universal Spot Welder, bought the house at 528 Washington Blvd. in the 1930s.  He and his wife, Emma Stone (1888-1975), and their four children worked hard to remodel, modernize and landscape it.  The house is still owned by the Redfield family in 2014.[2]




img320                  HOUSE FOR SALE 2014

[1] Interview  with Helen Redfield Rogers, 1998;  A Brief History of the Life of Frederick Andrus Miller, written by his own hand, c. 1921. p.7.

[2] Pearl Stowe, Ogden Utah 8th Ward, Lorin Farr Stake 1908-1980, published c.1985, p. 320; interview by Anna Keogh with Helen Redfield Rogers 1998.

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  1. Ann Marie Jensen Dickamore said

    I want more information about mound fort area. I lived on 9th and wall and now live on @9th street. My grandparents lived in 9th st. Jensen and Peterson. Came over from Denmark in 1917

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